Ripple (XRP) has reflected escalation in yesterday’s trading duration. The improvement appeared quite astounding as previously the coin had quite a despairing trading duration. Well, the growth in the coin gave hope the traders and they expected a similar correction in today’s movement too.

Today, the coin began with a sluggish movement and later the same lead to an even emphasized fall. Recently, XRP price has started improving and is currently trading at $0.237 and the improvement is likely to hang for a while. However, the closing with a positive number on the price counter is still doubtful.

XRP/USD Price Chart:

Ripple (XRP) Price News

Yesterday, XRP coin started dealing at $0.227 and was escalating since the start of the day. The price soared to $0.229 in the first two hours followed by a leap at $0.235. However, unable to hold the same momentum, the currency dropped to $0.232 by 1%. Later, having faced the volatility, XRP trading price improved to $0.238 by 2.50% and it hovered around to further spike at $0.241. The currency locked the price at the same level till 22:20 UTC just to drop at $0.238 and mark a closing at $0.239. The intraday movement in the coin reflected 5.75% regression in the price.

Today, Ripple began with a dip as the price nosedived from $0.239 to $0.237 and is trading around the same price level with moderate volatility faced in between.

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